FRG Group

Founded in 2006 by Frank Rickert, FRG Group GmbH has developed from a holding company for the management of investments and assets into a diversified provider of various business solutions. Since January 2024, the company has been managed jointly with his daughter Jule Rickert as Co-Managing Director. The entrepreneurial activities of the Rickert family stand for sustainable vision and stability.

At its core, the FRG Group acts as a holding company that acquires and manages investments in various subsidiaries, including property and other assets. This enables the promotion of growth and diversification within the Group and forms a solid foundation for the diverse range of services offered.

In addition to its investment activities, the FRG Group offers comprehensive facility management services. It takes care of the infrastructure, technical aspects and commercial management of construction projects and buildings. This includes the coordination of construction measures, the management of technical building equipment and even the provision of energy management solutions to optimise resources. In addition, the FRG Group covers all services related to your building, including cleaning, security, technical building management and construction management. Additionally, janitorial and building services are offered to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of your property.

The expertise of the FRG Group goes beyond its core services and extends to its established subsidiaries. Mechatronik GmbH specialises in the maintenance, restoration and trading of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Cartique GmbH serves the luxury car market outside the Mechatronik core brand Mercedes-Benz. RABAG GmbH is available for efficient and reliable vehicle logistics solutions, taking care of storage, transport and customs clearance and helping to optimise cross-border vehicle traffic. In addition, LED Marketing + IT Services GmbH supports both the FRG Group and external customers with comprehensive IT services, including digital billboard advertising, which emphasises its commitment to innovative solutions. Finally, M Motion GmbH handles the planning and realisation of automotive events and ensures the successful execution of automotive-related events.

From asset management and facility services to specialised automotive solutions through its subsidiaries, FRG Group GmbH is a reliable partner for a wide range of business needs. The family-run structure, commitment to growth and diverse business offerings position the company for continued success in the years to come.